Welcome to CORE Theatre Ensemble

CORE Theatre Ensemble has been based out of the Hampton Roads area of Virginia since 2006 and could not be more proud to have found so many amazing people to work with because of it.  We are striving to make CORE a more integral part of the arts emergence in Hampton Roads while keeping true to ourselves and what drives us as artists.  We build locally and travel our productions stateside and internationally to connect, to show, and to return with new found inspirations. Find where all your loves lie and visit them as often as possible.

the past, The Present, and THE FUTURE

Hello Everyone!

First, we’d like to thank the following most amazing people who have donated to our kickstarter for travelling The Poe Project to Lithuania! Thank you all so much!
Courtney Grilli
Martin Cardenas
Deborah Wallace
Guzin and Jim Karides
Patrick Mullins
Heather Nixon
Chrissy Babashanian
Nicholas Mizelle
Phyllis Kaye
John Davidson
Armando & Cecelia Castillo
Jacki Paolella
Ashley Berkman
Taylor Winstead
Brant Powell
Melissa Agudelo
Arcel Castillo
Kathy Lamotte
Michael Fisher
Kathleen Mozingo
Katherine Hammond
Turkan Ertugrul
Erlene Hendrix
Steffani Dambruch
Becca Ostman
Rebecca Soorani,
Clara Sughrue,
Michael Kerry Williams
You are all our travel angels!!

Some news for you:

the Past

2011 was a great year for us.  We performed The ThreePenny Opera for a three week run at Generic Theatre in March; travelled to Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec in April for the 15th annual Fetes Internationales du Theatre where we performed A Season in Hell, based on the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud; created You Vs. a new show for the Norfolk Playwriting Festival in August; and wrote and performed our latest piece, 40 Whacks: A Nightmare, at Little Theatre of Norfolk in October.  Along the way, we started a new partnership with Young Audiences of Virginia where we have adapted our versions of Edgar Allen Poe’s works for middle schoolers in the Tidewater area.

the Present

We are gearing up to return to Quebec for the 16th annual Fetes Internationales du Theatre where we will perform 40 Whacks: A Nightmare for an international audience.  Two weeks later, we travel to Vilnius, Lithuania to perform The Poe Project.  This is our first foray into that part of the world and we are very excited to make new friends and find new inspiration!  We have been invited to perform again as part of the Norfolk Playwriting Festival in the summer and also have a few more opportunities for the end of this year, so keep an eye on our site!

The Future

Stay tuned…  we’ve got a lot lined up for this year!   Like us on FB for the most immediate info and happenings!