Another one bites the dust

It’s March, and we’ve bid a fond farewell (for now) to No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre. We’d like to thank Topher Jones for his magnificent guest appearance as the Valet, Patti Wray and The Venue on 35th for graciously hosting our production, and the wonderfully responsive audiences who packed the house during our three-night run.

Next we’ll begin rehearsing 40 Whacks: A Nightmare for its Lithuanian debut at the 14th  Annual Universitetu Teatru Forumas in Vilnius in May. We’re excited to revisit the piece and bring some new friends along for the ride! We’re also really excited about beer towers and fried bread, but we digress.

For now, we’re going to catch our breath, celebrate some birthdays, and be thankful for the fact that we’re actually much nicer people than the three characters we just portrayed.